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Delirium - Susan Kaye Quinn As always, I’m late to the party. I feel like every man and his dog has discovered the sheer delight of this new serial, except me. Back in the old old days – think Charles Dickens – serial writing was the name of the game. Stories were serialized in newspapers, with readers desperately awaiting the next ‘episode’. In a time where there was no radio, no television and books were fairly expensive for the ordinary person, serialized stories in the newspapers were the entertainment of the day. It slowly died out around the time of radio and then television, and newspapers shifted from entertainment to more news. One of the more well-known resurrections of it was Stephen King’s The Green Mile, published in six printed books, one per month. I can actually remember desperately awaiting the next book – so that definitely dates me. LOL.

Susan Kaye Quinn is publishing the Debt Collector series as a serial. At present, you can purchase them from Amazon for 99c each for kindle, or every 3 episodes they’ll be released in a threesome box set for $2.99. (Please note: prices quoted are current for the time of this writing). It’s an interesting experiment and one I’m curious to see how it pans out.

I don’t know how I’ll go with weekly or fortnightly episodes. I hate having to wait so much with my tv episodes that usually I end up buying the box set of each season, instead of watching it weekly on tv when it airs. Yes, it means that I don’t get to watch it as it happens, but it does mean that when I am so immersed in a programme, I get to watch them all at once. :D Each episode of the Debt Collector series is so short that it can be read quickly, and I’m thinking that may drive me a little insane.

But on the other hand, this serial is so damn good, that I may have to just bite the bullet and grab them as they are released. I’ve never read Susan Kaye Quinn before, so I really had no idea what to expect when I first started Delirium. I didn’t know if she was a great writer, if her World would suit me, or if I was going to enjoy it. I needn’t have worried – I absolutely loved it. The World of the Debt Collectors is not light and fluffy, not sweet and heartwarming. It’s dark and gritty. The type of stuff I love to read. A futuristic setting, with Debt Collectors collecting your life.

I was still a little bit confused tho about the World Building. But considering this was only the first episode, I enjoyed it enough to continue and hope the world is explained a bit more as we go on. I’m not exactly sure how it all works – which in a full blown novel is a bad thing, but in a serial, is not. A debt collector’s cut of the job is to keep a little bit of the “life” they have collected – something that seems a lot like a drug hit. And when Lirium meets a woman who he thinks is a prostitute sent to service him, and realizes she wants a bit of that “life/energy” for someone else instead of herself as part of the payment, he’s angry. He calls her a Collector Hunter, a person who tries to force a Collector to transfer some of that hit to them. As Lirium says about the “hit”: They all start out pretty to begin with, then get even better with all the life hits they earn in their trade. When I give her the hit, it will make her eyes shine brighter, her skin glow even more vibrant, and her body come alive with all those heightened sensitivities the warning label carries.

Very much like a drug rush. The girl – who he names Apple Girl due to her perfume – wants him to give the hit to her ill younger sister. Lirium decides the choice is between going with Apple Girl to help out her sister, or spending the night with a bottle again…and guess which one he chooses? :D And thus our tale begins.

It’s enough to have me wanting the next episode. The rather damaged hero, the interesting world of Debt Collectors – I want to keep reading this. And if it means that I have to wait for the next episodes, biting my nails, desperate to find out what happens, then so be it. I will.

Cos Susan Kaye Quinn has successfully sucked me into her World and her Imagination and I want to continue.