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The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey When I read a new book, chances are I’ve missed most of the hype surrounding it. Unless they’re doing major news stories on it about people lining up at midnight on its release date or the latest teen movie star is playing a character from the movie, I’m rather blind to the massive hype surrounding book releases. My usual mode of choosing a book to read is to see a shiny pretty cover, read the blurb, scan the first couple of pages. If it’s piqued my interest by that, I’ll nab it. And a lot of times, I’ve read some major winners that way. Of course, I’ve also been stuck with a helluva lot of clunkers too. And then there are times I’ll watch a movie, and only then do I discover it’s from a book that people are raving about. That’s how I discovered The Hunger Games. The books had barely been on my radar when I wondered into the cinema one night and watched the movie. The next day I went and bought them all and read them over a few days.

I’d never heard of Rick Yancey. I’ve never read him before, thus I had no idea of the hype surrounding the release of The 5th Wave. It was only after I’d finished the book, that I jumped online and started reading about it. And was kinda gobsmacked at the hype I had missed. I was also a bit gobsmacked at some of the negative reviews. Had we read the same book?? Or could it be being caught up in the hype surrounding a book gives you much higher expectations that generally won’t be fulfilled? Coming into this book totally blind, were my expectations lower? All I can say is that any expectations I might have had before I started reading, were completely and utterly surpassed by the time I had finished.

I sat down in the morning to start reading, and I didn’t stop reading until I had finished. I took the book with me when I got up to make a coffee. I had it in my hand and my eyes still glued to the page when I made a sandwich for lunch. And yes, I still had it in my hand and was still reading when I had a loo break. No way in hell was I putting this book down for a pee break.

I. Could. Not. Stop. Reading.

I don’t want to tell you about this book. I don’t want to tell you about the characters we meet. I don’t want to tell you about the romance that I had initially been dreading and was then so pleasantly surprised as it unfolded. I don’t want to tell you about the shifting PoV’s that had me wondering how the hell you can write it from a five year old pov and then finding myself getting sucked in. I don’t want to tell you any of these things because I want you to discover it for yourself. I want you to meet Cassie yourself – a wonderful seventeen year old girl who is determined not to give in, who is terrified and lonely and only wants to curl up in a ball and hug her brother’s teddy bear and suck her thumb and wish the world away, who kills a man because you can trust no-one, who made a promise and refuses to break that promise, who keeps fighting because someone’s got to make a stand dammit, who discovers the awful truth of what the fifth wave really is. I want you to meet Zombie – eaten up by guilt because he ran when he should have stayed and fought, who discovers a strength within himself when he realizes the truth and knows he must go back. And I want you to meet Evan – a shark who dreamed he was a man.

A tale of alien invasion that doesn’t have machines walking the earth destroying cities. That doesn’t have spaceships and military planes firing on each other. A tale of alien invasion that rings true. Cos seriously, the fifth wave would be the most effective way of destroying a planet’s inhabitants, but leaving the planet itself still fit to live on. An incredible book with the most perfect writing, fully drawn characters who you really care about, and a tale that has a more logical and accurate invasion plan, than any sci fi film I’ve seen.

And for any of you who have seen the UK’s tv show, Misfits, were you all seeing Evan as Simon too??