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Fall of Night - Rachel Caine She’s a tricky woman, that Rachel Caine! When I first read the blurb of Fall of Night, I was a little bit concerned. Claire’s given permission to leave Morganville and is off to MIT. I envisioned a whole book about Claire, and missing all my favourite characters and the town of Morganville too! How can that be? I thought in a panic. No Morganville? No Myrnin? No Eve? How can Ms Caine do this to us?

I should have more faith. :D Yes, Claire is off to MIT, to study in an advanced graduate program, under Professor Irene Anderson – who is herself, an ex-Morganville native, and who pretty much worked for Myrnin as Claire does. And while Morganville itself doesn’t star in the novel, we do get to revisit with its citizens. (Happy Snoopy Dance!!)

You see, I’m not a fan of Young Adult novels, especially Young Adult paranormals. In fact, I have to say that I don’t like them at all. 99% of the ones I pick up or read about, are cut from the same cloth. The plots never differ, the characters are all the same. There’s instalove, there’s love triangles and there are parents who are either totally oblivious, or absent or abusive. *Note to teenagers – parents are not oblivious of what you up to! We always know….we were teens ourselves once….

But Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampire series has grabbed me. Right from the very first book, I never felt I was reading something aimed at Young Adults. I am probably twice the age of the demographic of these books, yet I never ever felt it. No instalove – here’s a secret: I always felt Claire and Micheal would be the ones to hook up. Could have knocked me down with a feather when it was Claire and Shane. No love triangles – I loathe love triangles, cos let’s face it, how often do these happen in Real Life? And while Claire was young, she wasn’t a silly, self-centred, immature character. She was intelligent. She was clever and sweet and wonderful and oh how I would have loved to have been Claire when I was younger!

So here’s Claire, leaving Morganville at last, knowing she will desperately miss her friends, and at the same time, feeling the relief of being out of the dangers Morganville holds. She contacts her former best friend from pre-Morganville and moves in with her. It’s a testament to how Morganville has changed Claire, that she finds she no longer has much in common with the former BFF and it’s a very uneasy relationship.

She has her machine, the one that changes vampires mental capabilities, and oh when it is used at one particular point during the book, my heart wanted to break. Is the machine a good thing, saving humans from the bloodlust attacks of vampires? Or is it something worse, something that can end up be used for pain and bad things instead?

We have a couple of new characters, one I’m not too sure I liked much as she is the epitome of the gorgeous, bad-ass, Urban Fantasy female lead that I’m starting to get a bit tired of in the genre. Plus she has a bit of…history with Myrnin. Get away from my Myrnin, you skank!!!!

*cough* Ah yes. Right then. Where was I? My sweet crazy totally loopy Myrnin does appear in the book, which is as it should be. :D Without Myrnin, this series would probably lose about 45% of its appeal to me, I think. I would still read – and enjoy – a Morganville Vampires book without him, but it just wouldn’t be as sweet tasting to me.

All in all, Fall of Night is another worthy entry into the series. If you’ve never read them before, start with the first one Glass Houses, don’t start here. You need to learn about the characters, and you need to watch Claire’s growth from frightened little bookworm wondering what the hell she’s gotten herself into, to the wonderful, smart, intelligent, reasoning, strong bad-ass young woman she is now.

And you need to fall in love with Myrnin the way I did, bit by crazy bit. :D