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Rivers of London  - Ben Aaronovitch Do you ever get that feeling of excitement as you're reading a book, not because of what is actually happening on the page, but because you've suddenly realized that this is going to be an absolute rip-roarer of a book, that you are just going to totally LOVE this book and will end up searching out everything and anything by the author just to continue the feeling?

I had this about 1 chapter into Rivers of London. It's a ripper. A five-star of a story.

Set in London in contemporary times, Peter Grant is a police constable. He's about to finish his probationary training, and hoping against hope he's not going to be transferred to the Case Progression Unit. (They do all the paperwork so "real" cops don't have to) Set to guard a murder scene during the middle of the night, Peter finds himself taking a witness statement from the only witness to the murder......who just happens to be a ghost. Going from someone who doesn't believe in magic or ghosts or anything supernatural, to finding himself transferred to a unit of the Metropolitan Police Force that he had no idea even existed, Peter's world pretty much changes overnight.And he discovers that the unit of the Met that deals with anything magical, only has one member - Detective Inspector Thomas Nightingale. Well, now it has two as Peter becomes apprenticed to Nightingale as a wizard.

Peter finds himself negotiating between the Old Father Thames and Mother Thames, deities of the River Thames, along with trying to figure out what malicious entity is turning normal Londoners into raving killers. Along the way he learns magic, gains himself a dog, gets the hots for Beverley Brook (daughter of Mother Thames and herself a river deity), tries to change his friendship with the delectable WPC Lesley May into something deeper and becomes the first apprentice wizard in fifty years.

London and her rivers are very much major characters in this book. All characters are VERY 3dimensional, extremely well rounded and fleshed out. Peter, who narrates the tale in first person, is dry and witty and takes everything in his stride.

I can highly recommend this to fans of urban fantasy or just those in the mood for a superb read. I'll definitely be reading the next one as soon as I can get it.