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Untitled Downside Ghosts - Stacia Kane How the hell does Stacia Kane do it?? How does she manage to make me care about and love this totally fucked-up, damaged girl, who is her absolute own worst enemy? How did Ms Kane manage to actually rip out my heart and punch me in the gut when Chess and Terrible have that awful argument? I mean, it's just WORDS, for gods sakes. Printed words on a page. They're not real people, I don't know them in real life. And yet her words are so powerful, and she has so successfully sucked me into the world of Terrible and Chess that I bled right along with Chess during that fight. I literally had to put the book down and walk away for a bit before I could continue reading, cos Ms Kane had ripped my heart out and was gayly waving it in the air in front of my face (no doubt with an evil smirk on her face and a 'nyah nyah' on her lips).

This, this series right here is what I hold all other urban fantasy reading up against. And even tho there are other series that I very much enjoy, none of them hold a candle against Ms Kane's world of Chess and Terrible and the world they live in. They are real people, far as I'm concerned. She successfully avoids all those other dull boring tropes that are so prevelant in urban fantasy. The hero and heroine don't fall wonderfully and completely in love the second they lay eyes on each other; heroine isn't torn between the brooding hulking drop-dead gorgeous silent mysterious Alpha vampire...er, man, and the bright blonde handsome sweet open and in touch with his feelings werewolf..ah, other man, I mean. (for the love of the baby jesus, dig my eyes out with a spork the next time i pick up a book and that shit happens). And ok ok, there's Lex...but we know damn well he's just the fling, don't we? We know it's Chess and Terrible 4eva, right? Cos Lex don't call her Chessiebomb *dies* And my heart doesn't thump when I'm reading about him and Chess together. It just ain't right, ok? We know Chess is doing that cos she's so screwed up she's just trying to damage what she has with Terrible.

It's not enough to say her characters are flawed yet o so loveable - her characters are downright fucked up, and quite likely, in the Real World I would avoid them like the plague (and be absolute batshit scared of them). I mean, she's a druggie. He hurts people cos his boss tells him too. That I'm gonna run a mile from. But these characters are so real, so true, that Chess and Terrible stalk my dreams and my heart like they're the flame and I'm the moth.