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Ghost Town - Rachel Caine I truly do enjoy the Morganville Vampires series, and considering it's a Young Adult series, that may be surprising. Like so many others, Myrrin is my favourite character - although Claire & Eve come very close.

The only reason this series is starting to grate on me a little is that I don't really know where it's going. There's no overall arc throughout - the books are pretty much the same plot. Claire has to save Morganville once again. There's no big sweeping storyline that is going through the whole series - unless you count the growing rebellion by humans against the vampires. But even that is fairly the same throughout.

I keep waiting for a seed to be planted that will be carried through teh rest of the books - Amelie has plans to take over the world....Claire stalked by a vampire that desires to turn her...Eve actually getting a career....the rest of the world outside Morganville slowly realizing that vampires exist. But nup. Nothing is happening.

Still, it's a good read - characterization is good.