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99 Reasons Everyone Hates Facebook - Emmet Purcell I wonder if Emmet Purcell will have any Facebook friends left after this book is released? *evil laughter* Actually, I’m wondering if I should have any Facebook friends, considering I’m guilty of quite a few of these. *blush* But I did pretty much nod my head while reading this, and I think I shouted “hallelujah” a few times too. From the Huge Numbers of People Gather Together on Facebook to form the Most Pointless of Groups (seriously, why on earth would you join a group called I Love My Son??? Or I Love My Cat??) to Leaving RIP Messages as Status Updates (posting RIP Grandad when your grandfather has just died is just another way of saying “hey everyone, I’ve had a death in my family so I’d like everyone to say they are sending me love and prayers and hugs cos even tho I don’t know 87% of you, I want you to acknowledge me”) I was agreeing with Emmet Purcell.

And yet I’m still there. I’m still on Facebook, looking at cat pictures and begging for game supplies. I have a rather large friend list, which considering I am actually an unsociable git, is astounding. (Although in my defense, about 80% of those “friends” are simply fellow game neighbours….) What is it about Facebook that drags us in so much? Even the author of this book, is still on Facebook…and he wrote a bloody book about what he hates about it! We’re still there, checking statuses every day, scrolling past the cat pictures, and the laughing baby videos and the concerned information sharing of how if you barbeque while wearing your contact lenses, they will melt in the heat and cause you insufferable pain and agony.

All the 99 reasons that Emmet Purcell hates Facebook, I hate too. I’m guilty of quite a few of them yet I do them anyway. Because they are so easy to do. A quick flick of the finger and I “like” a group called “Like If You Hate Justin Beiber”. Because it took a quarter of a second and it gave me a giggle when I saw it – and then it forever disappears from my mind. I wonder…is it because Facebook offers such instant gratification that we are so addicted?

99 Reasons Everyone Hates Facebook is a giggle. We’ve all been there, we’ve all seen what Purcell is writing about, we’ve all moaned over the same things to our friends…or written about it on Facebook. *facepalm* And we’ve probably all done at least 45 of those things.

I have a sneaky suspicion that Emmet Purcell has possibly done them too :D