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Shifting Selves - Mia Marshall I'm giddy. Giddy, I tells ya! I didn't think Mia Marshall could top the first book in her Elements series,Broken Elements, but not only has she topped it, she's knocked the damn thing outa the park! I feel like copying'n'pasting everything I gushed about the first book here, because everything about the first one I loved, I double love in this one.

Shifting Selves opens up about a month after the first one. The Gang's all together still - Aidan & Sera, Simon, Vivian & Mac. Plus Carmichael & Johnson, the FBI agents. This time, they've asked Aidan and Sera to work with them, investigating the case of a missing teenage Shifter. The eldest son of a local Bear Shifter family has disappeared.

Elementals and Shifters have never got on - Shifters feel Elementals look down on them and Elementals...well, Elementals do look down on them. So along with the initial dislike the Shifters have of Aidan and Sera, there is the added tension that the family happens to be Mac's relatives. And of course, there is still the will-they or won't-they between Aidan and Mac. Which makes me want to just smush them together and scream "Just do it already, you two!". :D

I can't decide whether I love the connection between Aidan and Mac most, or Aidan and Sera. After discovering their family connection in the first book, Aidan and Sera are still feeling their way in resuming their relationship. Best friends for so long, they'd had a falling out before the series started, and are reconnecting. Snarky, witty, funny - these women are awesome. They read like best friends, and never once are you brought out of the story by clunky dialogue or reactions that don't feel right.

A good book should flow like water before your eyes - you should forget that you are actually reading; you should feel like everything is just happening. And that's what Shifting Selves does. It flows.

If you're like me, and you are sick and tired of the same ol' same ol' tropes turning up in Urban Fantasy, then the Elements series is a breath of fresh air. We've got magic - the Elements; we've got Shifters - wereotters?? wereotters?? LOVE it! I laughed everytime Aidan had to fight the urge to squee like a girly whenever she saw the otters; and we've got a damn fine story that sucks you in and keeps you there.

With Urban Fantasy being my favourite genre, yet becoming very very tired of so many of the series out there doing the same old thing, the Elements series has shot straight to the top of my Best Series Ever. I want more, and I want it NOW.

Oh and Mia? More wereotters please. *grin*

5 stars all the way, baby!!