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Ex-Heroes - Peter Clines I love superheroes. I love flawed superheroes even more - think the screwed-up disturbance that is the Batman - so I went into this with high hopes. Superheroes vs Zombies. Dude, seriously? Best. Idea. Ever.

So let's see...the action scenes are very well written. In fact, I almost felt they were really written with a movie in mind.

There's been a plague that causes zombies - people are holed up in an old movie studio, led by superheroes, ordinary people who have suddenly discovered they have strange powers. They dress in superhero outfits, and most of them have their secret identities. But I really felt there was a lack of characterization here. The characters simply weren't deep or well-developed enough. We do learn their histories as flashbacks over the course of the story.

And when we discover HOW the zombie plague started, it should have been a lot more heartbreaking than how it was written.

All in all, I did like it...just felt there could have been so much more to this.